Radvent #3

Media consumption.

Right now, my media consumption is the internet, plus the occasional tv show at my parents’ house.  We don’t have cable at home, so no tv for me.  And since we don’t have a car at the moment (and the radio rarely worked in our old van) no music while we drive.  I can’t even remember the last time I bought a cd, and I have never quite warmed up to MP3s.  I used to listen to the CBC, but that habit seems to have disappeared.  Most of my music comes from youtube, and it tends to be the same thing: choral music, Pomplamoose, OK GO, random pop music I happen to enjoy (Janelle Monae and Cee Lo Green come to mind).

I used to buy cds all the time, back when people did such things.  A good report card meant a trip to CD warehouse, and my Dad and I would comb though shelves and racks searching for the perfect tunes.  I had a sweet Sony stereo in my room, and wore out three or four discmans (discmen?) during high school and my first year of university.  Second year came, and suddenly all my albums had been imported to my laptop, and an iPod nano showed up as a Christmas gift.  I also lived in a really small town with limited shopping, so I essentially stopped buying CDs.  And so I always have the feeling that my taste in music hasn’t grown since high school.  I could probably organize all my music based on boyfriends: jazz for this one, techno for that one, indie-folk for this other one.

I miss music.  I dislike feeling out of the loop, of always feeling a year or two or ten late to the party.   I wonder if Georgia is missing out because of this-not that I feel the need to go buy a bunch of children’s music or those lullaby versions of Metallica or the Beatles, but that I need to be exposing her to different sounds, much in the same way that I expose her to different tastes and textures.  When I was pregnant with her I listened to Scala and Kolancy (amazing girls choir) and the King’s College Men’s Choir non-stop.  When she was a newborn it was anything with a strong beat: ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire, ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele, ‘Honey’ by Moby.  Now there’s a lot of OK Go, because I enjoy it and I don’t mind if she watches the videos since they tend to shoot things in a single take.

I think I need to find my way to some new sounds.  Hook up my gran’s old radio, ask for suggestions, go video jumping on youtube.  Find things that excite me, things that challenge me, things that move me, things that get me moving.  Replace screen time with sound time.  Involve my daughter.  What will she rock out to, chill out to, make out to?  Will she like classic rock, sharing that same taste with her mama and her grandpa?  Will she be inspired and make her own songs?  What memories will a certain track on a certain cd hold for her?  What memories will I make, for songs I haven’t yet heard?

I need to find the frequency for Radio 2 in Ottawa.  And see if CD stores still sell music, or just tv on dvd and pop culture paraphernalia.


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