Short takes:

Moving to Ottawa, still working out the details.

Back from Georgia’s first camping trip, still tired, sore, and so very off schedule.

Halfway through the ‘Anouk’ pinafore, although it will be made into a dress soon because the pattern is a little wonky.

Getting close to finishing my ABQ so I can teach grades 4-6.  Going to volunteer in a few elementary schools this fall.  Hoping, praying, dreaming that I get hired to teach night school.

My baby is huge, has two teeth, wants to crawl, and tries to talk.

Future posts:

-Breastfeeding in public

-The art of reading

-The state of public education and how’s it screwing everyone over

-“I want to be all the things and I can’t” (stolen from a friend’s facebook): learning what I can and cannot do, learning when to let something go.


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