Short takes:

Moving to Ottawa, still working out the details.

Back from Georgia’s first camping trip, still tired, sore, and so very off schedule.

Halfway through the ‘Anouk’ pinafore, although it will be made into a dress soon because the pattern is a little wonky.

Getting close to finishing my ABQ so I can teach grades 4-6.  Going to volunteer in a few elementary schools this fall.  Hoping, praying, dreaming that I get hired to teach night school.

My baby is huge, has two teeth, wants to crawl, and tries to talk.

Future posts:

-Breastfeeding in public

-The art of reading

-The state of public education and how’s it screwing everyone over

-“I want to be all the things and I can’t” (stolen from a friend’s facebook): learning what I can and cannot do, learning when to let something go.


The in-between place

Our time in Kingston is coming to an end.  We moved here in September 2010 so I could complete a Bachelor of Education at Queen’s.  After five years in Sackville (seven for Jason) it was a rough transition-higher rent, no support system, no friends, unemployment, a smaller living space, time apart, depression, everything.  But things got better, and we carved our own space in this funny town.  We decided to stay another year so Jason could complete the discernment process for ministry in the United Church.  I got pregnant, had a baby, stayed home with baby.  Jason worked.  I went through another round of job applications….and nothing came of it.  If there is ever a terrible time to graduate from teacher’s college, then this is it.  Our baby grew bigger, and our apartment grew smaller.  Jason decided that while ministry is the right path, it is the wrong time.  We took a long hard look at reasons to stay in Kingston, and couldn’t come up with very many…

Our church.  Our church has become our second family, a wonderful place of hope, discovery, and renewal. 

Our friends.  We don’t have many, but the ones we do have are dear to our heart.

Our neighbourhood.  I love the mix of renters and owners, that it is safe and quiet, that it is close to so many lovely things: parks, the library, the YMCA, shopping, public transit.

And that is it.  I am just starting to make a mama-network, but only barely.  As far as our church goes, the reality is we would probably have to find another church community in a few years, because the children’s programming here is minimal.  There are many neighbourhoods in Ottawa like the one where we live now-most cities and towns have parks and libraries. 

Our friends can’t be replaced, and I will miss them terribly.

So where next?  And what next?

The answer is a place we have been meaning to move to for years.

My hometown: Ottawa.  We had originally planned to move there after I graduated university, but that plan was put on hold for theatre contracts and other things.  The timing wasn’t right then, but it is right now.

I want to be closer to my family.  I want and need to volunteer in the school system to build my teaching experience.  My mother has offered to care for Georgia.  Jason can transfer to a different Future Shop, and start building his small business.  There are so many things to see and do in Ottawa, and it is a beautiful city. 

Details are still up in the air-pesky little things like where we will live.  I’m struggling with work-do I take a low-paying job in childcare because it’s a related field and I need to pay the bills?  Do I work part-time and volunteer?  Do I stay home with my darling baby?  Will I ever become a teacher?  What about other children-can we grow our family in a few years?  What if Jason wants to return to school?  What about relocating, again? 

One day at a time.  But for now, I am excited.  I feel something new, something good just on the horizon.