Me time, girl time, fun time, adult time

I think I need to do this more often.

Leave the baby with someone else and take care of myself for a change.

It’s tricky to escape from the baby when that baby is exclusively breastfed, and has a very strong preference for milk to come straight from the source, and not a bottle or cup.  Things have to be carefully organized and timed-and I worry about misery, both Georgia’s and that of the person who is caring for her.  There’s my own anxiety, too.  I know other people are capable caregivers, but when I’m away I still get anxious about my girl.

But, it’s important to get away.  It’s important for me, so I can have a chance to de-stress and re-charge.  It’s important for Georgia, to know that she is safe and loved no matter who is in charge, to know that her mother has a life of her own, to know that a new or familiar face means new or different things, and that change is okay.  It’s important for Jason to have one-on-one time with his daughter.  And it’s important for other people, too.  Some people need their baby fix.  I think one of Georgia’s gummy smiles is the ultimate mood boost, and if you can get her laughing?  That’s the icing on the cake right there.

A while back I wrote about rainbow days, and how I usually find that the ‘big deal days’ are seldom worthy of a rainbow.  Too much to do, too much going on.  But I knew a rainbow day was coming soon.  And it did!  And it gave me the energy I so desperately need to face an uncertain world, a sometimes lonely world.

Jason and I shared a lovely breakfast while the baby napped: bacon, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, sliced avocado, and toast.  Once Georgia woke up we were out the door, on our way to a few errands, and then to a much more wonderful destination: Fruition Farm.  I’m not sure where I first heard about Fruition, but I wanted to go.  They’re a family run farm specializing in seasonal “pick your own” fruit.  And strawberries are in season.

Have I mentioned that strawberries are my favourite fruit?  Especially when perfectly ripe and bursting with juice and sweetness.  Stain your fingers red while picking.  We drove out to the farm, grabbed a basket, and then hopped on the tractor trailer to ride out to the strawberry field.

Strawberry fields forever.

I could smell the berries as we approached.  A young woman lead us to our our little patch, and we began to work.  Okay, Jason began to work.  I carried the baby and soaked up the sun, occasionally munching on a berry that just begged to be eaten right then and there.  I was glad the woman at the entry gate talked us out of a two litre basket in favour of the four.

The strawberries have now been hulled, halved, and cleaned.  Some were baked into a cake, and others were frozen for a certain someone’s birthday in July (mine).

After berry picking, and a few photos, we headed back into town, but not before stopping at a country chip wagon for fries, a cheeseburger, and a pogo.  Pogos are the boss.  I also drank a lime Slush Puppie, a drink that reminds me of the Harbor Store in Fitzroy Habour.  Fitzroy is a small provincial park just outside of Ottawa, and we went camping their throughout my childhood.  Some of my most cherished memories are of getting treats from the Harbor Store, and then playing in the incredible park across the street as the sun set for the day.

Back in Kingston: Georgia nursed, and Sarah phoned.  I had offered to buy drinks in exchange for her babysitting on Sunday night, and so the two of us were going to find a happy hour on a patio somewhere.  We chose Le Chien Noir and sipped cocktails while eating the most decadent poutine, topped with triple cream brie and duck confit.  Someday we will travel to Montreal in search of poutine with foie gras.

After a quick stop to my apartment we were out again, this time to the mall for a manicure and pedicure.  This isn’t something I do very often, so it was a rare experience to have someone attend to my hands and feet.  And my feet needed the attention.  My toes are now a dark purple, with little flowers gracing the big toe on each foot (painted free hand, I might add).

I needed the pampering, I needed the company, I needed to get away from my apartment, my husband, and my baby.  I do not think I was selfish to do so, and always wonder why women (especially mothers) consider themselves selfish to take care of their own wants and needs.  I’m a better wife and mother when I have the chance to enjoy a drink and gossip and do things for ME.

And so the unexpected rainbow day was just what the doctor ordered.


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