To create! To craft! To make!

I really like making things.  Sometimes I suck at following instructions, or finishing details, but at the end of the day I still consider myself a crafter.

and there are so many crafting ideas online…not to mention what I see, and decide to replicate…not to mention books…not to mention my own imagination…

so, in no particular order, things I want to make:

I want to finish “The Manly Sweater”.  You know, the sweater I said I would make for Jason…for Christmas 2010.  All the pieces are done, I just need to finish the sleeves and join them to the body.  The  pattern is from Stitch and Bitch, and is my first sweater.

I want to knit Georgia the “Anouk” dress, as seen on knitty.

I want to paint our white blackout curtains.  Cheerful bunting?  Crazy sharpie doodles?  Polka dots?

I want to make a tshirt rag rug, as seen all over the internet and in the book Alternacrafts.

I want to make Georgia an elf hat, like the one in Bend the Rules Sewing.

I want to make a cool scrapbook of Georgia’s first year.

I want to make a chapbook of my poetry for small people.

I want to knit this gorgeous green bolero from an old issue of Knit One (do they still make that magazine?)

I want to make a brooch bouquet, just because.

I want to make a whole pile of cool toys for Georgia: a waldorf doll or two, and all the accessories to go with.  A little woodland elf set.  Her own magnet board and all kinds of neat magnets.  Start building a super cool tickle trunk.  Make felt food to go along with a homemade play kitchen (an Ikea hack, perhaps?).  Puppets made from old socks and sweaters, and of course a big puppet theatre.  I want to make her toys she can actually play with, as opposed to static ones that only make noise or encourage gender stereotypes.

I want to make glittery dinosaurs or army dudes or unicorns for my Christmas tree.  There was a neat tutorial on offbeat home about this.

I want to grow a little herb garden.

I wart to learn how to decorate sugar cookies with royal icing.  And how to make the icing on my cake look pretty.

I want to make a mosaic mirror frame out of broken china, old buttons, and bits of jewelry.

I want a space for all of this: big sunny kitchen, cozy but cheerful (and well organized!) studio, the place where Georgia will come and play on the floor, making her own creations, while I whip up a sundress from vintage bedsheets.

It’s a nice to-do list.  And one I think I can get accomplished, although I am sure I will be adding to it, replacing one project with another as things are made and altered and created.


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