Random rainy day

It is pouring rain today in Ottawa.  When I came here over a week ago, it was HOT, and so I packed mostly t-shirts and skirts, plus ONE long-sleeve shirt, and ONE pair of jeans.  Guess what outfit has been worn on repeat these day few days?

I was supposed to go with Katie and Jason to the First Unitarian Fellowship this morning, but Georgia threw up-and there is a difference between spit-up and throw-up.  Poor little duck.  I decided it would be best if they went ahead without me, and I stayed home with the babe.

Okay, so I was already a lightweight BEFORE I got pregnant, and then I did the whole 40 weeks without alcohol, and I’m breastfeeding, and my husband doesn’t drink so it’s rare for us to have booze in the house…and it would now seem that I can get drunk off a pint, while noshing on pub food.  I will be sticking to bottles from now on.

Guide dogs are cool.

I really want to go out for afternoon tea at the Chateau Laurier.  I blame the whole Queen’s Silver Jubilee thing, and all these articles about the 100th anniversary of Ottawa’s castle hotel.

and finally:

Dear baby store that caters to women and babies: I am a woman.  I have a baby.  I AM YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER.  Do not ignore me.  Do not say “hi” and then immediately go back to talking with your co-worker.  Ask me if I need any assistance.  Show me your fancy strollers.  Let me demo them with my baby.  Customer service.  It’s kind of important.  Don’t forget what your job actually is.  Do not let someone walk out of your store unhappy.


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