Rainbow Days

There are days that stand out in my mind, days of perfection and bliss and smiles and good things to eat and wonderful people to share with.  My mum calls them Rainbow Days.

“Special occasions” are NOT Rainbow Days in my mind.

My wedding?  Stressful as all hell.  There was fainting, crying, muscle spasms, and a few “go-the-fuck-away” prayers.   There was also love and laughter and friendship and mimosas and eggs benedict, but two years later when I look back on it all, I still wish we had just eloped.

Georgia’s baptism?  Again with the stress thing.  Too many photos, too many people, too many things that needed to be done (that I hadn’t planned on or didn’t want to do).  Loved the friends and minister and COOKIES but now I wonder if there is such a thing as a baptism-elopment.  In case we have another child and do this again.

But there ARE rainbow days, and they catch you by surprise.  Sometimes there’s some planning involved, sometimes not.  Like my 24th birthday: semi-planned joy.  A trip to the cottage with the girls I looked after.  Beer on the beach.  Sunshine and new freckles.  Flowers and then lobster for dinner and creme brulee for dessert.

Today is my second anniversary.  It is humid.  We had pancakes for breakfast and then went to run errands.  The baby cried and Jason was grumpy and I rolled my eyes and now he is at work.  The gift he ordered has not arrived.  I still need to bake a cake, assuming there is time.  We ate takeout Indian food-him partially dressed in his uniform, me in a tank top and undies.  I don’t think today is anything special.

But I know there will be a rainbow day to come, with my husband on my side.

Happy anniversary, Mr. Swan.


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