Georgia is being baptized in just under two weeks time.  This is somewhat of a big deal.

Basically, Jason and I are making a promise that we will raise her in the United Church, and when she is old enough she can make her own decisions about faith and spirituality.  In the UCC, the congregation acts as godparents in the traditional sense, and it is the members of our church that are responsible for helping with Georgia’s Christian education.  She still has her own godparents, but their role is more to support Jason and I as we raise our family, and to support Georgia as she grows.  This can include nurturing her spirituality, but doesn’t need to be focused solely on that one aspect of her life.  Georgia’s godparents are close friends of ours, people who we love and respect, and who love and respect us.

While I would be very happy if Georgia decides to officially become a member of the church when she is ready, I would also be happy if her life takes a different spiritual path.  I was baptized Anglican, but am now a member of the United Church of Canada.  I am also very drawn to earth religions and Buddhism.  I believe the Divine manifests itself in many different ways, and that God gave us freedom of choice and created such a diverse world for a reason.  I believe in a loving God who wants us to make the choices that work best for ourselves-and that is why I will be teaching Georgia about a wide variety of religious practices, not just ones limited to Christianity and my particular denomination.



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