More food for thought

After Georgia was born, eating became somewhat complicated.  I was exhausted, hormonal, trying to build my strength back up, breastfeeding, and learning to care for a small and demanding human being.  Food needed to be simple and nourishing.  And if I could eat it with one hand, even better.

So: here is Mary’s top foods for nursing mamas:

1.  Cheese.

2.  Fruit slices.  I went wild for clementines, but some breastfeeding mamas have a hard time with citrus.

3.  Cooked chicken.

4.  Deli meats.  Not everyone will agree with me about this food, due to concerns about preservatives and listeriosa, but it use your own common sense and go with what works.  In my case, a nice little pile of ham with cheese and breton crackers was divine…sounds like a lunchable!

5.  Yogurt, especially high-protein Greek yogurt or balkan style yogurt.

6.  Finger foods.  To celebrate New Year’s my sister Katie went out and bought some delicious appetizers.  Those nibblies were divine.

7.  Boiled eggs.

8.  Ice cream in a flavour that your partner doesn’t like.  In my case, mint chocolate chip.

9.  Bagels-now is not the time to avoid carbs!

10.  Anything that you desire or have been avoiding for the past nine months.

I learned through trial and error about what foods would upset Georgia: black bean enchiladas and thai chicken in peanut sauce were OUT.  Basically, if a food upset her I would wait a week or two to try it again, so I could see if it was a fluke or not.  I also found that my tastes had changed, and so had my digestion.  I have IBS, which means I usually avoid trigger foods such as beef.  However, all throughout my pregnancy I craved red meat, and it didn’t give me the usual problems if I ate it more than once a week.  About a month after Georgia was born this stopped being the case.  I had to re-discover my no-no list, in addition to learning the baby’s no-no list.  My advice: don’t beat yourself up too much.  The night of the black bean enchiladas left everyone in tears, but it was only one night.

Remember: it’s a new process for everyone.


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