Why yes, I do put baby in the corner

Nursery inspiration can be found almost everywhere you turn on the internet.  At times, it reminds me of wedding inspiration: so many ideas, so many choices, so easy to become overwhelmed.  When I was pregnant with Georgia (and even before that, to be honest) I would dream of what her nursery would look like.  It would be bright and cheerful, a place where I would actually want to spend my time.  It would be gender neutral, since we didn’t know the sex of the baby.  It would be a room baby could actually grow up in-not too theme-oriented, not too matchy-matchy.

Reality tells a different story.

We live in a one bedroom apartment.  There is no nursery.  There is a storage closet, kitchen, multi-function living space, bathroom, and bedroom.  C’est tout.  Those dreams of a nursery are waiting for another apartment.

In the meantime, baby has a corner, plus other areas scattered around the apartment.  Her corner is simple: a wicker bassinet on top of an old coffee table next to my side of the bed.  Georgia is the third generation of my family to sleep in the bassinet, and is just about ready to outgrow it.  Her bassinet (also referred to as her basket) is lined with a rainbow checkered fabric, which was my duvet cover from high school and university.  I was sad when the ends of the cover wore out, but am pleased that it is getting more use.  The coffee table is painted a leafy green, which sounds odd but works well with the other colours in our bedroom.  Above her bassinet are two little collage/paintings: one reads “I am loved” and the other reads “With faith all things are possible”.  A mini sleep sheep hangs out on the coffee table, and there is usually a handmade blanket nearby.  This set-up has worked well for night nursing, but we’re going to have to find a new solution soon, because baby is a long little girl and will need to be in her crib soon!

Playing shy in her bed.

Some of her other areas include a Malm dresser that also acts as a change table, a corner of our living room for her toys, bouncer, and playmat, and our dining room chairs all have hanging toys tied to their backs (or old disco ball ornaments).  Our glider is tucked next to a book case, and Georgia has her own shelf of board and story books.  There are days when the living room is a wee bit over-saturated with baby stuff, but we make so.  And I dream of a bigger space.

How have you adapted smaller than usual spaces to fit the needs of a baby?


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