Random thoughts

1.  Facebook relationships with teachers/professors/bosses/etc always give me the heebie-jeebies.  I have no problem with friending a prof once you are finished their course, friending an old boss once you have moved to a different job…but it seems like such a bad idea when things are current.  A few recent examples from facebook include drama students bitching about their production assignments (which I know is a ridiculously large undertaking) while being friends with the instructor.  Calling an assignment “worthless and a load of crap” while being friends with the person who designed and will be marking said assignment is a bad idea.  Also a bad idea?  Status updates about how drunk you…an hour before you have to go work…and now your boss knows the truth.  Oversharing can have some dire consequences, but it seems in the era of facebook common sense and privacy have gone out the window.  I wish more people would think before they post, or at least create filters so people in positions of authority can’t witness true idiocy in the works.

2.  That being said, it would be a lot easier to do the whole filtered posting thing if facebook would stop screwing around with its layout every month or two.  If it wasn’t such an easy way to communicate with people, I would delete my account.  Who knows, maybe baby will provide the kick in the ass that I need to get out of the social networking game (although I could easily argue that I’m barely in the game to begin with).

3.  Another internet topic: I hate the level of assholery that comes with anonymity.  Hence why I rarely leave comments on blogs, and avoid forums at all costs.  Okay, I don’t really avoid forums, as I like to lurk, but I never post.  I’ve been attacked for expressing my own opinion, and I don’t know why.  We can disagree, but surely we can do it in a polite and adult manner…but this seldom happens.  I’m also of the camp where if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  I recently came across a wicked cover version of “Superman’s Song”, originally by the Crash Test Dummies, and re-created by Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose fame.  Both versions are stunning in their own right, but apparently for some people Nataly’s version “ruined” the original, because she is a hipster and hipsters ruin everything!  I fail to see how her version could ruin the original, it’s not like that every single CD and MP3 and cassette and video of the CrashTest Dummies song was destroyed by the sheer existence of a new cover.  Don’t like her song?  Don’t listen.  Simple.  But it seems that nothing is ever simple on the internet.

4.  Okay, enough ranting about the internet (on the internet, no less).  Time for an internet-positive thought: It helps me find community.  Last night we went to a little hang-out gathering with some Artist-in-Community grads.  Saturday evening we went to the Santa Claus parade for a friend’s birthday, AND met new people, AND one of them facebook friended me and we are going to have tea in the near future.  Making friends isn’t always easy, so I am glad for the small ways in which the internet (specifically facebook) helps me with this.

5.  And now for something not related to the internet at all: I am retaining water.  This is unpleasant.  This means I must drink more water, which although sounding counter-intuitive, actually works to help rid the body of excess water.  My hands are a bit puffy and typing feels weird.  I predict the brita pitcher will be filled and re-filled many times.  On the bright side, my hands are now soft and smell like almonds because I thought a mini-massage would help remedy the situation.  It hasn’t really, but the scent is pleasant and providing a nice distraction.

6.  I am thisclose to finally finishing Jason’s sweater.  The one I started in September 2010.  I hope he likes it (he says he does, but it is still in pieces at the moment as I have yet to sew it all together).  I also need to knit a hat and a pair of socks and then I am finished with this whole handmade Christmas endeavor.  Except for the same fact that I will never be finished with handmade Christmas.  I like crafting too much to be finished.

7.  The rug needs to be vacuumed.  I hate vacuuming.  I hate the rug.  One of my goals for 2012 is to knit a new rainbow coloured rug from old t-shirts.  Hopefully it wont show the dirt the way our current rug does.

C’est tout.


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