What’s in the “stuff” pile…

I like lists.  And so, here is a list of what is in my giveaway pile.  I kind of wish I had more friends in Kingston because I feel the contents of the pile would make for an excellent stuff swap, also known as naked lady parties, or “here please take this crap I don’t want”.

  • One red spring jacket, bought at the Sally Ann near my parents’ house, never worn.
  • One blue sweater, wore many a time, but it’s just time to part ways.
  • One green turtleneck, size small, given to me as an early Christmas gift.  This one confuses me, because I’m not EVER a small, and this Christmas?  I’ll be nine months pregnant.
  • Books: The Birth House, Kiss the Joy as it Flies, The Cure for Death by Lightning, Becoming Vegetarian (plus Cupcakes Galore, Women’s Barracks, The Green Door Vegetarian Cookbook, and Wonderful Tonight, all of which I am giving away as gifts).
  • Two novelty cupcake pans, shaped like hearts and stars.
  • One pyrex lasagna pan, stolen from the sublet we had summer 2010.
  • A set of Christmas dishes.
  • Juggling balls.
  • Two plastic goldfish from Pizza Delight.
  • A butterfly puzzle.
  • “Let’s F*ck” game (this came from my bridal shower thanks to some dirty-minded cousins).
  • Three picture frames of various shapes and sizes.
  • Random discount store cheese spreaders.
  • My old blue blanket…this one is a difficult parting.
  • A really cool vintage bag that unfortunately still smells like cigarette smoke despite my best efforts to clean it.
  • Thanksgiving themed tea-towels.
  • And other miscellaneous objects.

(Jason has yet to make his contribution to the pile.  And there will be a friendly argument about a certain set of towels.)


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