Thinking about the ‘holiday season’

I used to get really pissed off when Christmas ‘stuff’ hit the shelves in stores, specifically in that “oh god, it comes earlier every year” kind of way.  Halloween isn’t even over yet, and then there’s the issue of Remembrance Day.  I personally feel it is incredibly disrespectful to have any kind of Christmas decoration out until after Remembrance Day has passed, and that includes all the other crap you see at the stores or on people’s houses.  Even if you wait until after November 11th…there’s still six weeks to get ready.  Six weeks to shop, decorate, and plan parties to your heart’s content (and maybe focus on what’s actually important…you know, faith, family, friends…just a thought).

But this year I’m feeling a little different about the whole thing.  I haven’t actually seen any decorations, nor have I heard any Christmas music, although there is a boatload of merchandise at just about every major store.  Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and so now Christmas takes on a whole new meaning…maybe it’s because I’m having a Christmas baby, so I’m already on countdown.

Or maybe it’s because I’m insane and am aiming to have a handmade Christmas this year.  The whole shebang.  I started working on gifts in September and it doesn’t look like I’ll be finished any time soon.  There’s much to knit, to craft, to bake.  I find myself walking the aisles at Michael’s and Zellers and Value Village, seeking out inspiration, and actually being thankful all that merchandise arrives nice and early, because crafters can never have too much time to prepare.

Plus, I’m home all day by myself.  If I didn’t craft I would go insane.  It’s relaxing, fun, and productive.  That sweater I started for Jason LAST fall?  It’s actually going to be finished in time for Christmas.  I’m learning new knitting techniques.  I get to build our own decorations and dream about new family traditions.  I’m already thinking about next year, believe it or not.  Baby could come any time, but I don’t think it’s likely Cygnet will be here until 2012.  So, I have a ‘Christmas 2012’ file folder in my head…although who knows.  Maybe with a baby on hand I wont have the time or energy or desire for a handmade holiday.

But I like to think that I will.  I like to think I can start this tradition.  So maybe Christmas coming earlier every year isn’t such a bad thing.


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