Random thoughts

Two things have come into our lives recently…and have improved our quality of life in a big way.  It’s been hot in Ontario.  Really effing hot.  And really effing humid.  I have more of a problem with the humidity than the heat, due to my asthma.  And my poor Maritimer husband has been dying from all the humidity.  We haven’t been sleeping well.  Sit on a chair too long and sweat stains appear.  Cold suppers are all the rage.  Baking is out.  Going for walks at Walmart, Home Depot, or Loblaws has become our new favourite hobby.  Both of us have been irritable, cranky bitches.  July hasn’t been much fun.

But relief is here!  My parents, lucky folks, have central air.  They had an old air-conditioner from our old house (1920s property that it was, it did not have central air).  After hunting down said old air conditioner, which was holding up part of my bed, my parents gave it to us, along with money for the air conditioner fee (because electricity is included in our rent, Queen’s Housing charges a seasonal fee if you want to use an air conditioner).  Life has gotten so much better since installing the A.C.  We’re sleeping through the night.  We can enjoy our apartment again!  Yesterday we stayed in and watched movies.  I made eggplant parmesan (which is baked at 425, so it would have been a no-go had our apartment still been a little muggy heat den).  My asthma is under control.  My husband has stopped whining.  Life is good.

A second, smaller form of relief came from my sister Katie.  Kingston water tastes like chlorine.  I find it really hard to get my eight glasses a day, because I don’t really like drinking from the swimming pool.  I had mentioned to Katie that I would like a Brita pitcher as a birthday gift…and she came through for me!  Now we have cold filtered water in our fridge.  I don’t have to obsessively doctor my water with mint or lemon (although it tastes good).  I feel much more energized, and have fewer headaches.

Hooray for simple solutions!  Next up, STORAGE.

In other news, we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.  It was pretty cool, and both of us enjoyed the special effects, and felt that the 3D was used in a most effective manner.  But, but, but…I spent a good week being annoyed about the whole thing due to a constant barrage of facebook status updates from various friends and acquaintances.  “It’s over, so sad!”

I can understand the nostalgia for the series, but I feel like these people are missing the bigger picture.  The film franchise was just one guy’s (okay, multiple guys) perspective on the series.  One way of looking at things.  It was an adaptation of an entertaining and complex series, with hits and misses.  I don’t feel that just because the films are finished that “it’s over”.  For me, the magic of Harry Potter comes from J.K. Rowling’s words, and from my own imagination.  It doesn’t come from a British dream cast, or a pretty badass score, or superamazingblowyourmind special effects.  Stars will fade.  Special effects will seem corny and dated in a few years.  But I can always go to Hogwarts.  And that’s where the true magic lies.

That being said, I do want to visit ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ at Universal Studios.

In other news:

You can fit three adults and a ninety pound standard poodle in a Toyota Corolla, and everyone will have personal space and plenty of breathing room.  The same is NOT true when you add a fourth adult.  And this is why I am not in Ottawa at the moment.

Ringo the standard poodle attracts attention wherever he goes.

Lobster makes my dad a ridiculously happy man.  My parents and Katie came down to Kingston (along with Ringo) for my belated birthday dinner last thursday.  We had a picnic from Pan Chancho, and then took the ferry to Wolfe Island for the afternoon.  We later met up with Jason at the Keg for supper.  OMIGOD it was good.  I had the best filet mignon of my life.  Dad had their lobster special (two and a half pounds!) and was so blissed out and content afterwards.  Lobster=happy dad.

Thinking about plot holes in Back to the Future gives me a headache.

The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook should really be titled “How to Cook Everything”.  My mum has a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated (love that magazine), which is produced by the same people.  I’ve been in the market for a new cookbook, so I checked TATKFC out from the library.  It has not disappointed.  I like the layout, I like that it’s in a binder, so recipes lay flat, I like the pictures but also that it’s not a food porn cookbook, I like the helpful tips and anecdotes, I like the clarity of the writing style, and I like the text features.  I also like the fact that as a general rule, the recipes do not call for a ridiculous number of ingredients, and that most of the ingredients are things I would have on-hand or could easily purchase.  I will be adding this one to my collection, and predict it will be used on a fairly constant basis.

Food tastes better with fresh ingredients.  Thank you, Kingston Market.  Fresh basil, fresh eggplant, and fresh beefsteak tomatoes=the most amazing eggplant parmesan ever (I also must thank TATKFC).  I’m not normally a fan of tomatoes on their own, but these ones were so ripe and perfect, I could have sat and eaten them whole.  Fresh peaches and local honey were also purchased, and if Jason and I started planning our meals around the market, we could buy local meat, eggs, cheese, and baked goods, too.  Mmmmm.

Alright, naptime.  I have gotten some of the random thoughts out of my head, so I feel more content to lay down and rest.  Perhaps this is a sign that I should start doing my morning pages again.


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