Lazy day

Kingston is humid.  After three Sackville summers, I had forgotten about Ontario humidity.  It’s not as bad as Ottawa, and is probably frigid compared to Toronto, but humidity and I don’t get along.  My asthma is back, something I have told myself on so many occasions “you’ve grown out of it!”  Maybe in the Maritimes, but not here.  We live in a third-floor walk up, and there are times that all I can do by the time I reach the apartment is to rest against the door frame, trying to catch my breath.  I am usually in a state of undress by the time I reach our bedroom.  With just Jason and I in the apartment, I don’t have to worry about someone accidentally catching a glimpse of bum or boob.

The humidity also makes me sleepy, and slow to move.  Yesterday I did five loads of laundry-no small feat considering the laundry room is on the first floor, and four buildings over.  Then I went to bed at eight in the evening.  That was my day.  Today I woke up early, every intention of going to aquafit at the most conveniently located YMCA (five minutes walk from our house), but I had forgotten that the pool is closed for annual cleaning.  It seems poor timing, as this is the last week of school, and I can only think that there would be an abundance of children wanting to swim…but nevermind.  There are other pools, other splash pads, other places to cool off.  I did a yoga dvd as an aquafit replacement, but it was far less enjoyable.  Aquafit energizes me, a class at seven am gets me ready for whatever the day can throw at me.  Yoga leaves me weak, and I have to take a nap after my dvd (53 minutes) and a cool shower.  The other accomplishments from the day include making a really good chicken sandwich, and returning my library books.  I don’t think I’ll be going out later, although a thunderstorm is rumoured and I would love to run in the rain.

In all of my Sackville summers, that IS something I missed.  Humidity can be a frustrating thing, but it has its own rewards…thunderstorms are a near-constant occurrence in Ontario.  The by-product of too much heat.  Blessed, blessed rain.


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