Wake Up

I wake up. My right shoulder has seized, the muscle is hard as a rock. I slept with my body folded over the arm. My right shoulder is now several inches higher than my left. Rub it, think about taking a hot shower, decide that Jason should give it a massage before he leaves for work.

I wake up. Headache. I don’t think I’m drinking enough water during the day. Kingston water smells and tastes like a swimming pool. I should buy a brita. I should grow some mint. I should put some lemon in. I brew a cup of tea instead…decaf? Who bought this?

I wake up. Jason is already out of bed. The end is nigh.

I wake up. I can’t find my bathrobe. The bedroom is a mess. I will do laundry today. I will organize clothes. I will put the rest of the winter sweaters away. I will iron Jason’s shirts. I will make a big giveaway pile. I will keep old but beautiful fabrics to make a quilt. I will be a super amazing crafty woman…no I wont. But maybe I will get around to sorting the damn stuff.

I wake up. iPad. Where is the iPad? I start the day by checking all my favourite websites. Happy when there’s an update. Bummed out when there’s not. Favourite webcomic is still on the same cliffhanger ending as last week. Will spend the rest of the day obsessively checking the same websites, over and over.

I wake up. To-do list: laundry, aquafit, return library books, plan meals for next week, go to bank, try not to spend entire day inside.

I wake up. And continue to wake up.


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