I’m new here…

Well, after almost a decade on livejournal, I decided it was time to start something new. Mara_B documented the high school years, Mairia for university (two degrees, plus some breathing space in the middle), and it feels like now is the time for a new adventure in blog-land.

I recently graduated from Queen’s University, with a degree in Education. The degree will be useful, although probably not in the way most people will expect. I currently live in Kingston, ON, with my husband Jason. We’re a two hour drive from my parents in Ottawa (and about thirteen hours from Jason’s parents in Woodstock, NB).

I don’t really know what this blog will be, other than a chance for me to put thoughts on paper (or keyboard/computer screen, so to speak). Another attempt to chronicle my life. Maybe someday I’ll show my children my old paper journals and scrapbooks and photo albums, and they’ll just laugh, the same way I laughed at my Dad’s old LPs and eight-tracks.

Either way, welcome.


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